Banners for display advertising and PPC

Banners help to expand and grow your client base, attract customers from fresh sources and inspire potential customers who wouldn’t have chosen your service over rivals. As well as keywords it is possible to use banners for PPC too.

As well as static banners adverts, more complex banners can use sound, moving .gif or Flash animation or video content to be more eye catching.


Banner(s) for Searching the edited Electoral Roll, 2011 to 2014


Unused alternative MPU:


Christmas 2011 Banner - find addresses


Banners for Director and company details

Find Directors on


Interactive pdfs: Need a simple Pdf prepared for your website with links, or even a more involved interactive multi page pdfs. Let me prepare some options for you.

Building trust and communicating with internet wary audiences: Graphics can help potential customers feel more secure about using brands (with many having fears of outright scams/deception; many consumers are hesitant to purchase items over the internet due to security concerns/new ‘cookie’ policies/information sharing/fear of data attacks and leaks).

Experiment (Uses Flash reader / AS3 - Find Jack Jones)


Actionscript 3 example


Samples of older web banner adverts


Leaderboard Banner Ad (Uses Flash reader / Actionscript2)

MPU (Uses Flash reader / Actionscript2)

Skyscraper (Uses Flash reader / Actionscript2)



Leaderboard Banner Ad (Uses Flash reader / Actionscript2)



Half Banner 234x60 (Uses Flash reader)

MPU 300x250 (Uses Flash reader)



Skyscraper 120x600 (Uses Flash reader)

Leaderboard 728x90 (Uses Flash reader)

MPU 300x250 (Uses Flash reader)



Banner Ad (Uses Flash reader)

MPU (Uses Flash reader)

Skyscraper (Uses Flash reader)


Note: Adobe Flash Reader 9 needed