Amur Leopards in Zoos

2 October 2009

With so few Amur leopards left in the world, you may be interested to see the following pictures of specific individuals – it would be well worth the trip to the relevant zoos / wildlife venues listed to see them. If you look carefully at each leopards spots you can see that each individual has slightly different markings.

Colchester zoo, has Dende the Amur Leopard. Dende (born April 2004) came from Tierpark in Germany in 2005,


there is also another male 'Sayan' from Mullhouse Zoo in France, he arrived in June...


Also at Colchester is Milena (Akin her father and Ascha her late mother from Marwell), born Sept 2005, she arrived at Colchester in Oct 2006 and is pictured below.


Her sister Kiska born on 18 November 2007 (parents Asha and Akin as well) is still currently at Marwell. She will shortly be moving to Dortmund Zoo.


Her father Akin is pictured here, below.


A Tallinn zoo male and female leopard from Estonia should also be arriving soon, here is one of their leopards.


Zane, a young female arrived at Edinburgh zoo in Feb 2009 from Helsinki, in Finland,


and joins their young male Skodge.


Twycross zoo is home to the Amur leopard too.


The Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Ashford is currently home to several Amur leopards, pictured below is cub Anuy
Male, born on 12/10/08


– one of the two Amur Leopard cubs born at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation.

Argun, Anuy's brother was also born on 12/10/08.


Their mum is Xizi, born on 08/06/05 – Xizi came from Helsinki Zoo.


Artem, born on 14/09/02 - Artem came together with his brother Artur to the Wildlife Heritage Foundation from Novosibirsk Zoo (Russia)


Artur, born on 14/09/02 and father to Argun and Anuy.


Camera 'traps' have been able to capture photos of the almost ultra rare wild leopards (9 identifiable leopards were photoed in 2009 (though another 72 other photos could not identify the sepcific leopard); 8 identifiable leopards were photoed in 2008; 13 identifiable leopards were photoed in 2007).

Many thanks also, to those that have posted these superb pictures elsewhere on the internet.

Wild Amur Leopards in Russia & far east, 2012