Digital strategy will give you positive results

In the modern world branding is even more crucial.

Most businesses recognise the importance of having a consitent brand identity. You only need to look at how logos have evolved since victorian times, and the key role adverts played in newspapers and television. Today website’s can be the first port of call for many potential customers. The message content, design choices of colour, typography and photography have a major influence on establishing and retaining a clients and customers, because design exists to help the target audience(s) identify with the company or product. Now we can even view the latest news and views on our mobile phones or search social media sites. 

However if the company image appears dated - you have only to look at a 10-year old website that has not changed with the times, to see that this can cause a negative impression to potential and exisiting customers.

Whilst new technology has made it harder for businesses to make an impact, not only do they need to have a website but also take into account SEO and PPC. Of course with reasonably priced image libraries and internet searching it is much easier to create maximum impact.