Project examples

Here is just a very small sample of my work. All of my work is now digital, with more samples available if required. Thank you for looking.


Creativite routes and typographic examples:


I worked on the Provident Financial account as well as their yearly review. 95% of my work now involves digital materials, though I have a nostalgic fondness for traditional design if the project justifies the expense.


At, my main responsibility is to hand-code all HTML for promotional, CRM, RTM and re-engagement emails. In 2014 it's essential to reformat everything for potential customers that may view on smartphones and other devices as well as for all computers and all broswers (Firefox, IE, Chrome cheiefly). Some sytax also needs to reflect different inbox opens, principally for Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, BT, AOL and Hotmail. Of course some formatting has to be specially tailored using media queries for iPhone and Android use. Sometimes this will also involve 'hiding' secondary message information.

Some creative concepts are originated by myself, though the Head of Marketing has final say on the actual wording. Images design/ are retouched and sliced in photoshop and then coded using HTML best practices, including (alt tags; text to image ratio; ascii code; personailsation' images optimised). My code is always evolving to reflect current trends and each promo has to take into account A/B testing, opt-outs, deliverability, ascii tags, optimised images, tracking codes for Sitecatalyst. Also as you'll know, it's vital for design to engage customers, with some segmentation needed dependent on opens, CTR attributes - all these elements has lead to greater revenue's for 192. Over the last 3+ years our purely online brand has evolved to be highly ranked in the UK with almost 12 million monthly uniques.

ESP platforms I have used to different levels of expertise are currently Epsilon/Dream, Emailvision in 2011 (now SmartFocus), Sign-UpTo also in 2011 and more recently Silverpop since March.

2014 samples: Responsive 1

2014 samples: Responsive 2

2014 samples: Responsive 3

2013 example promo email: Non responsive html

2013 sample: Non responsive html

One of my other main responsibilities is originating all of the Adobe Flash banners for PPC and Affiliate.
Plus I implement some additional icons and social media image work. You can see an example of these and others at 192's Family Records page. Also in the past B2B promo email HTML, CTAs, mastheads and icons for former subsidiary 192business/Experian.



Promotional B2C email campaign ideas and initial coding. I was part of the website creative ideas team, for christmas page views (Online is crucial for survival of the retailers), layered photoshop files initially - then developed by UI and UX. Some day-to-day work involved liasing with developers.



Trade adverts.


Web banners

Leaderboard, MPU and skyscraper.


NHS - stop smoking

Items for Suffolk NHS including digital banners and county press advertising.


Website layered photoshop files.


I also worked on the original concepts in 2007.


United Utilities

In the past, I have worked on many other financial projects.



Puzzle time, uses Adobe Flash...

Archive samples can be found here these are very old now.