Icons and images

It’s vital to create a strong, memorable images.

It could be an image montage, icon, call to action, infographic or logo, for example that will give companies the business advantage, (however slight) and ensure all graphic materials are co-ordinated and work together. This is still true with the increasing important of use of smartphones and other devices (which as you'll be aware have only a limited space for icons and text) this is still true.

mpu Example

Below is an infographic created for 192business.com:


PPC samples for facebook follow, only 110x80 pixels in size.

Old school

Find Friends

Mates addresses

Discover family

Locate businesses

Contact friends

Example pay per click in position with text:



Other digital work

See my other samples for examples of digital work.

It's important to keep fresh web '2.0' icons (or call-to-action, button, masthead or tailored image) to communicate to customers and potential cutsomers your message. Icons and CTA's should inspire a interest. Gear your buttons (etc) to specific audiences and refresh the messages in order to stay current.

See some of my work samples of how my contribution can help create ideas when needed and the actual implementation of digital resources.