Share thoughts for Feb 2009

When I last looked the FTSE and other shares were back down to just 3922! With bad news every day, most shares have been hammered. However with interest rates offering derisory rates of interest, and property looking uncertain throughout 2009, we need to consider if we want to risk any 'spare' money we have in a gamble or not. I genuinely think the market will recover in a few years time and I think the FTSE will reach new highs by around 2014/15.
Let's not forget that with so many people being pensioners by 2030 ther state pension is unlikely to be generous and will probably be means tested. We have to seize the innitiative now to reap the reward in 20 years!

So is there any shares that we can invest in?
If I had the answer I would be very happy, but having had a disastorous 2 years, there's no way of knowing for sure.
I thought Lloyds Banking Group looked cheap at 130p, in November, but was wrong. ITV seemed a bargain at 72p in January 2008, at the time. In March 2008 Woolworths Group were just 10.6p, there was no way of knowing they would go into administration at 1.2p!

So the shares, I think are worth holding in these turbulent times, but also a little bit 'safe' are:

Remember as 2008 has shown, shares and other financial assets can go up and down at frightening speed. Don't buy any, unless you know what you are doing and can afford to lose the money.